Facility Square Footage: ~55,250 sq.ft. | Location: Shreveport, LA

  • Pool air-handling units
  • Pool evacuator (chloramine removal system)
  • Heating water loop for pool air-handling units (pumps and hydronic accessories)
  • Direct Expansion, variable air volume (VAV) rooftop units, with de-humidification capabilities
  • Variable air volume (VAV) terminal boxes throughout building
  • High efficiency heating water boiler
  • Power, data, emergency call stations, CCTV
  • High efficiency LED lighting with occupancy sensors

Competition Pool Natatorium

Natatoriums present mechanical & electrical designers with unique challenges. Numerous elements must be carefully considered ranging from chloramine removal, humidity levels and dew points, unique ventilation and air-change rates, airflow distribution patterns, access to lighting over a vast pool of water, etc. Building owners can have confidence in the knowledge and experience that Purtle & Associates brings to the design table and that their natatorium’s mechanical & electrical systems will be designed right the first time.

Pool Evacuator Unit

The pool evacuator unit is a special exhaust system whose purpose is to remove harmful chloramines from the natatorium space. Chloramines are continuously emitted from a pool’s surface, and their rate of release increases during periods of higher activity within the pool. These chloramines need to be removed from the space (at the source) as they are harmful to both the building and its occupants.

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