Facility Square Footage: ~22,600 | Location: Shreveport, LA

  • This renovation/addition project required an expansion of the facility’s existing chiller plant
  • On the chilled water side, a new chiller was added to expand the cooling capacity of the existing two-chiller central plant.
  • Three new chilled water pumps, including new hydronic accessories, were also installed
  • On the heating water side, one new boiler was added to expand the heating capacity of the three existing boilers
  • Three new heating water pumps, including new hydronic accessories, were also installed
  • The condensing water system was completely upgraded. Two existing cooling towers were removed and replaced with three new towers. Three new condensing water water pumps, along with all required hydronic accessories, were also installed
  • Two new variable air volume (VAV) rooftop air handling units, each with a chilled and heating water coil, and one VAV penthouse air-handing unit were installed
  • Multiple VAV boxes were installed throughout the facility as required

Variable Primary Pumping Configuration

A variable primary pumping configuration was utilized for this project. Compared to alternative pumping configurations, variable primary configurations are advantageous because they have lower up-front costs and can conserve energy after installation.

Electrical Requirements For Medical Facilities

Hospitals have unique and specific code requirements for the design and installation of the electrical distribution system throughout the facility. From redundant grounding and segregated power distribution systems, specific fire alarm requirements, to nurse call systems, we have the needed expertise and knowledge to cover these topics and the many others required for medical facilities.

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