High School Football and Soccer Field | Shreveport, LA

  • Today’s LED sports lighting fixtures are capable of meeting the demands of any sporting environment, while using less energy than ever before. The result is superior performance with lower operating costs. There’s never been a better time to upgrade to LED sports lighting fixtures.
  • LED sports lighters
  • Properly sized galvanized steel light poles with cross-arms
  • New electrical distribution
  • New lighting control panels for both fields

LED Sports Lighter

Sports lighting has come a long way since the days of metal halide. Pictured to the left is the light fixture that was included in the winning bid for this project. There are numerous fixtures on the market today with similar features and performance capabilities, but this particular LED fixture provides high-efficiency 750W power consumption, instant on/off capability, and superior thermal management characteristics that reject heat from the fixture that could otherwise degrade performance over time. Additionally, the fixture is capable of operating as part of a wireless mesh network for control purposes. This feature provides the owner with the ability to control the lights collectively or individually, control scheduling and dimming, and monitor the health and diagnostics of the fixtures all from a cell phone or network computer with an internet connection.


The photometric design of a sports lighting installation is crucial. Factors to consider in a design include fixture mounting height, fixture aiming, light distribution patterns, and light levels on the playing field to name a few. Without proper design, athletes can experience performance-impeding glare spots on the field, or occupants in the stadium will notice uneven, dimly lit areas. Also, light spill-over could be an issue for neighbors if the stadium is located in a congested area; notice the sharp cutoff of the light pattern seen here. Only the stadium and playing fields are illuminated.

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