Facility Square Footage: ~100,000 sq.ft. | Location: Bossier City, LA

  • Multistage direct-expansion (DX) package rooftop units provide conditioning to some spaces within the facility
  • Dedicated, packged DX outside air rooftop units with enthalpy wheels, to save energy and reduce costs, provide code required outside air to the facility
  • 30%-100% outside air packaged DX units condition spaces in the facility that have unique and varying ventilation needs
  • A variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system with simultaneous heating and cooling capabilities serves the bulk of the facility
  • The simultaneous heating and cooling feature of the VRV system allows heat rejected from one area of the facility to be re-used to provide heat to another as opposed to being rejected to the building exterior. This is an energy efficient feature of the design.
  • The facility has a commercial kitchen, which required the design and installation of a commercial kitchen exhaust hood, upblast centrifugal roof exhaust fan, and gas-fired make-up air unit
  • The facility contains auto mechanic, auto body, auto painting, welding, small engine, carpentry and culinary shops, all of which have varying and specific HVAC design needs

Auto Shop Unique Ventilation Needs

A ventilation system was provided for this mechanics’ shop to directly vent vehicle exhaust out of the space. The flexible hoses connect directly to the vehicle exhaust system and allow complete removal of exhaust gas from the space, allowing the shop to remain enclosed during undesirable exterior conditions.

Decorative Exterior Lighting

Decorative and colorful LED lights are a main attraction in front of the school at night. We worked with the owner, architect, and manufacturing representative to design and specify an aesthetic center-piece in front of the facility that sets it apart.

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