Facility Square Footage: ~134,800 sq.ft. | Location: Bossier City, LA

  • Energy efficient, heat recovery variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system utilizing closet-mounted fan-coil units and ceiling mounted cassettes
  • Heat recovery ventilation rooftop units with energy recovery, hot gas reheat, and natural gas-fired heating capabilities
  • In today’s fast-paced and competitive learning environment, our community’s students need every advantage to get ahead in the classroom. The new fiber optic backbone design that we provided will help these students by providing them with a fast network connection, enhancing the classroom learning environment in innumerable ways
  • Rooftop units with energy recovery capabilities are a smart choice, especially for educational facilities that require large amounts of outside air. These units recycle the energy contained in the building’s exhaust air to pre-cool the facility’s incoming air, saving energy and reducing the overall amount of HVAC capacity required.
  • On the electrical side of things, P+A designed the complete electrical distribution system for the project.
  • We also designed the needed provisions for the facility’s new telephone, data, power-over-ethernet, and CCTV systems
  • All lighting is not created equal. We specified new high-quality, energy efficient fluorescent and LED lighting with code-required occupancy sensors throughout the facility
  • Today’s building owners are demanding, and sometimes construction projects must take place around a functioning facility. In these situations, considerable planning is required to properly “phase” the project and ensure both construction and continued operational success. We coordinated phasing of the project’s complex electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems with the architect, contractors, and school board personnel to ensure minimal disruption to the school’s normal operations.

Heat Recovery VRV Systems

When it comes to variable refrigerant volume systems, certain applications are more appropriate than others. Due to their expansive nature, education facilities are prime candidates to utilize these systems and allow owners to enjoy the energy saving features they provide. Heat recovery VRV systems are more energy efficient then traditional systems because they allow energy rejected from one space to be recycled into another space that might need it, rather than rejecting it out of the building

REVIT/BIM Modeling

3D modeling is a powerful tool and allows for the discovery and coordination of any conflicts prior to their discovery in the field when every second counts and delays are unacceptable. We provided REVIT/BIM 3D modeling services for this project and helped catch conflicts between trades for a smoother construction process.

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